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Sedation Dentistry – Beverly Hills, CA

Say “Goodbye!”
To Dental Anxiety

Woman smiling after sedation dentistry visit

Going to the dentist is stressful for a lot of people, and some are so fearful of dental care that they skip out on necessary treatment for years at a time. If this sounds like you, then you’ll definitely be interested in sedation dentistry. In addition to numerous creature comforts like blankets, pillows, and noise-canceling headphones, we can also provide services that are clinically proven to reduce anxiety and boost relaxation during dental procedures. If you’re ready to take care of your teeth without the worry, give us a call today to discuss options for sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Complete Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Comfortable Dental Office with Blankets, Pillows, & Headphones
  • Different Types of Sedation Tailored for Each Unique Patient
  • Sedation Available for Every Type of Procedure

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Man taking oral conscious sedation dentistry pill

If you could take a pill and make all of your dental-related anxiety go away, would you do it? That’s actually how it works with oral conscious sedation! For patients with dental nerves that are strong enough to make them cancel an appointment, we can give them medication to take at home on the day of their visit. By the time they sit in the chair, they will already be sedated, and their visit will quickly (and comfortably) seem to fly by in a matter of minutes.

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Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Man receiving nitrous oxide sedation dentistry treatment

Do you regularly go to the dentist, but you feel tense even if you’re just getting a checkup and cleaning? If so, then nitrous oxide sedation might be right for you. A small mask is placed over the nose, and a patient breathes in the odorless gas, which creates feelings of warmth, happiness, and calm. The mask stays on the entire time, and once it’s taken off, a patient will be back to normal within minutes.

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IV Sedation Dentistry

Patient receiving IV dental sedation

Are you so afraid of the dentist that you can’t remember the last time you saw one? For patients with severe dental anxiety, or those who require an extensive procedure, we can have an anesthesiologist administer a strong sedative directly into the bloodstream. This puts a patient into a deep state of relaxation very quickly, and then we can adjust the medication throughout the appointment to ensure a patient is comfortable from moment to moment.

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