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The 4 Biggest Cost Factors to Keep in Mind for Dentures

March 8, 2021

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Dentist explaining cost of dentures in Beverly Hills to patient.

Not only are dentures widely considered to be one of the most affordable solutions for replacing several teeth at a time, but they are more natural-looking than they ever have been! This is largely thanks to the advancements in materials utilized to create them. Of course, their costs can fluctuate based on your specific needs. If you’re looking about replacing your missing teeth and aren’t sure where to begin, keep reading to learn more about the four biggest factors that influence the cost of dentures in Beverly Hills!


If you were to choose the least expensive materials possible for your denture, you would find that the gum-colored base would be made from pink, brittle plastic. The teeth that fit inside the denture will also be made from plastic, but instead are white in color. Not only do dentures of this variety wear down quickly, but they aren’t very comfortable to wear.

In contrast, choosing a denture made from acrylic and porcelain/dental ceramic is sure to be much stronger and look more natural. It will also last longer, typically about five to seven years when properly maintained. These materials are more expensive, but the investment is definitely worth it given the better day-to-day experience you’ll enjoy

Types of Dentures

Dentures are highly customizable, which means you’ll need to confirm if you need a partial or full denture to make your smile complete. For example, partial dentures are designed to fit between remaining teeth like a puzzle piece. Fewer materials are used to create partial dentures and less time is needed to design and fabricate them compared to full dentures, so they are cheaper overall.

Alternatively, full dentures work to replace all teeth in an arch. These are more complex and take more time and materials to make, thus creating a higher final cost. The same applies to implant dentures, which are the most expensive tooth replacement you can receive. However, they also offer the most long-term benefits. For example, implant dentures can help save money compared to traditional dentures because they won’t need be replaced nearly as often.

Preparatory Treatments

In some cases, patients may need to have treatment for tooth decay or gum disease ahead of receiving a denture. Alternatively, existing teeth that are no longer salvageable or prevent a denture from being placed may need to be removed.

Insurance Coverage

More often than not, dental insurance providers will offer some level of coverage for a denture as they are seen as medically necessary. As a more serious restorative procedure, they tend to receive up to 50% coverage. If you make use of a dental insurance plan, it’s very important to confirm what coverage is provided ahead of time as well as ask the dentist for additional guidance in filing claims.

No matter what you choose, dentures can definitely be a sizeable investment. But, they are absolutely essential for your quality of life. And, thanks to insurance and financing options, your dentist can help you easily fit your smile into your budget. Get in touch with one today to get the process started!

About the Author

Dr. Jason Kboudi has been practicing for well over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. His office provides a wide variety of restorative treatments, including traditional and implant dentures for those addressing severe tooth loss. While he’s happy to file insurance claims on your behalf, those without a plan can make their care affordable through CareCredit as well. If you’re in need of solutions to rebuild your smile and want to do so affordably, feel free to contact him through his website to learn more!

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