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How Offices Practice Dental Safety During COVID-19

December 29, 2020

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A hygienist practicing dental safety during COVID-19.

It’s already been common practice for dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to wear a mask, put on gloves, wash their hands, and practice many other necessary safety protocols when interacting with patients and performing dental treatments. However, things have changed dramatically since the pandemic began. Dental safety during COVID-19 has never been more important, which is why offices are going above and beyond to ensure you can feel safe whenever it’s time for your checkup. Here are just a few ways they make sure that happens!

Safety Champion

It’s becoming common for dental practices to assign one team member as a “safety champion” for the day. This person is not only responsible for their regular day-to-day duties, but ensuring all team members are following necessary safety protocols throughout the day. This includes social distancing, ensuring everyone in the office is not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, and other common practices recommended by the ADA, the CDC, and OSHA.

Daily Health Checks of Staff

Speaking of daily safety protocols, dental offices wouldn’t be able to continue providing your necessary dental services if they weren’t feeling well themselves. To ensure everyone working in the office is not spreading harmful germs to patients or other team members, they must pass a daily health check before they enter the building. This includes a contactless temperature check and a detailed questionnaire, which asks employees whether they are exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19. If they fail either of these checks, they are sent home and asked to quarantine for as long as needed before they can return to work.

Changing Work Clothes

You may have noticed that sometimes dental employees will wear their scrubs outside of the office because they didn’t have a chance to change out of them following the end of the workday. In order to keep the spread of COVID-19 to an absolute minimum, all team members are required to change out of their work clothes before they leave and into them when they first arrive at the office. This way, there’s no risk of any germs leaving or entering the office.

Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment

While a mask, pair of gloves, set of scrubs, and 20-second hand wash would be enough prior to the pandemic, additional steps are needed to ensure the health and safety of patients. For example, those working directly with patients (i.e. dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants) utilize fully disposable coats and hats, face shields, and upgraded masks (specifically N95 and ASTM Level 3) when seeing patients. Front desk team members are also given ASTM Level 3 masks and work behind clear barriers for comprehensive infection control.

Just because there’s a pandemic happening doesn’t mean your oral health should have to be sacrificed along the way. If you’re overdue for a checkup, call a dentist in Century City today to set up an appointment!

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